A custom domain (your own domain) is one of the most important pillars in your online business. Your own or custom domain shows that you are making some serious efforts in running your online business. Custom domain also leaves a great impact on the visitors and search engine also loves the blog or sites with the custom domains which helps you in long run of your blog success. Some people feel hesitation while setting-up their own custom domain and they also get confused that from where to buy the custom domain. To avoid the hesitation and confusion we would strongly recommend buying a domain from GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain registrar. They offer some exciting features with great flexibility and reliability. After you have purchased a domain from the domain registrar you need to make some DNS (DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM) settings in order to link your Blogger blog with your new custom domain. Since Blogger provides the option from its dashboard to setup your custom domain but if you have purchased the domain externally from domain or hosting service like GoDaddy then this post might help you in setting up your own custom domain on Blogger blog. You might have read several posts on Setting Up Custom Domain On Blogger With GoDaddy, and all are very properly instructed and we respect that but all those posts are according to the old settings of GoDaddy and Blogger. Since GoDaddy and Blogger have updated some settings and the people like us who are purchasing domain from GoDaddy in 2013 and setting up in Blogger might having some issues. That’s the reason we are posting this article which is according to the latest Settings of Blogger and GoDaddy (2013). To Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with GoDaddy, you first have to setup things at Blogger and then setup records at GoDaddy

Setting Up Custom Domain At Blogger:

1. Log-in to your Blogger Dashboard.
2. Go to Settings > Basic.

3. In Publishing section click ADD A CUSTOM DOMAIN.

4. Enter your custom domain which you have purchased from GoDaddy and click “Save”.

5. A dialog box will appear with the message “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12.”, leave it as it. Under the message you will find two records such as:

(a) www ghs.google.com
(b) xyz.dv.googlehosted.com (where xyz Is The Record Copied From Blogger DASHBOARD)

Copy and save the records in Notepad file for later use.

Setting Up Records At GoDaddy:

DNS (DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM) contains the two records named as: 
You have to update the both records in your GoDaddy Control Panel, so let’s see how you can update the records.
1. Log in to your GoDaddy Account.
2. In Domain section click Launch button.

3. A Control Panel window will open. Click DNS Manager from DNS drop-down menu at the top.
4. A DNS Manager window will open. Click EDIT ZONE under your domain address in the list.

5. A “ZONE FILE EDITOR” will open. Here you have to update the A-RECORDS and CNMAE RECORDS.

(A) Creating A-Records:

In A-Records section, you have to create a record for each of the following IP addresses .i.e. creating 4 records. 
(i) Go to A(HOST) section > Click Quick ADD. 
(ii) In HOST sub-section put @.
(iii) In Points-To sub-section enter the following IP addresses.

(iv) In TTL section select default setting of 1 Hour.

If you have any confusion check the screenshot below:

(B) Creating CNAME-Records:

Here you have to update the 2 addresses:

(i) Go to CNAME-ALIAS section Click Quick ADD. 
(a) First you have to add the following record:
  • In HOST sub-section put www. 
  • In Points-To sub-section enter ghs.google.com
(b) Second you have to add the following record:
  • In HOST sub-section put xyz (where xyz Is The Record Copied From Blogger DASHBOARD)
  • In Points-To sub-section enter xyz.dv.googlehosted.com record.

If you have any confusion check the screenshot below:

6. Click “SAVE ZONE FILE”.

Note:- Wait for at least 1 hour till your DNS settings are activated, then move on with the tutorial.

Setting Up Custom Domain At Blogger:

1. Come back to the Blogger Dashboard, where you have entered the CUSTOM DOMAIN (See the steps above).
2. Now click “SAVE”.

You are all done. Now your sub-domain (i.e. www.blogspot.com) is redirected to your new Custom Domain. 

That’s All.
Happy Blogging.

Need Help?

Hope this step by step tutorial helps you in Setting Up Custom Domain On Blogger With GoDaddy. Don’t forget to spread this knowledge with your friends and subscribe at our blog for more updates. If you need any help, please feel free to ask by leaving your comments below and we will try our best to answer and will be great honor for us. Peace, blessings & cheers.! :)

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